Should we Sell on Ecommerce ?

Here we will learn how selling your products or services is profitable on Ecommerce and how?

If we speak about this, then selling on ecommerce is a profitable deal, but it also has many criteria that what product and service you are selling and its method.

If you start this work without full knowledge, then it can also harm you because it is a bit complicated in the case of payment, as if we sell an item through a shop, then there is a simple calculation to measure the profit and loss.
But if we talk about ecommerce, then it is not so easy to calculate this here.

If you sell on Amazon, Flipkart or any other website, then they do not charge any fee, rather they charge a fixed charge on every product's sale and it is different on every product its depend on the category and the price.
And in today's time, if we see the biggest e-commerce company, then it is Amazon and its customers are always right for Amazon, that is why Amazon is always available for them and in every way, if the customer wants to return any goods after taking it. Amazon also allows and if the same thing is seen in the markets, then it is completely different, if a customer wants to return any item, then the shopkeeper does not allow to do so, he only gives the exemption to replace the item with another item.
Where the shopkeeper's loss rate becomes very low, but ecommerce marketplaces allows to return the item and in which the entire loss is of the seller because he has to pay the shipping charges from his pocket and not from the Amazon or the customer.

So in the same way, there are many criteria we should keeping in mind before selling on ecommerce.

1. Keeping the selling price thoughtfully - As I told that Amazon takes a fixed amount on the sale of every product, then we should decide the price of the item by keeping all these things in mind before selling our product. So that we do not suffer in future.

2. Understanding the policies of ecommerce - First understand the policy of the platform on which you are thinking to selling, how it works, what are its policies like how many days it takes for payment after sold the product.  How much is his fee, whether he is a little more, etc.

3. Understanding all the charges well - There are many such charges in ecommerce which are hidden, so it would be beneficial for us to know them in advance.

4. Clearly know about you rate of profit - If you want to grow your ecommerce business well, then it is important that you also keep your profit rate good so that you can get profit after deducting all the expenses.

5. Return Policy - If a return order arrives but the item you received is different from what you shipped or it is not in original condition then you can raise complaint on the ecommerce platform and they will investigate if all the they found you are right so then they will give you reimbursement for that.

After discussing all these things, I just want to say that selling on ecommerce is beneficial, but keeping in mind all points which I have mentioned here. otherwise your loose your profit margin.

Along with all this, there are many other benefits of selling on ecommerce:-

1. Start with low capital - You should take some variety in the beginning and take forward the product which is good 
in demand.
2. By giving less time - Even if you do not have full day, then you can do this business by giving some time of your day.

In the next blog, we will talk about how much money Amazon charges with all the data.

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