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नोट : यह ब्लॉग हिंदी भाषा में भी उपलब्ध है चेक करने के लिए नीचे दिए गए लिंक पर क्लिक करें।

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Today we will learn about Ecommerce - Ecommerce means whatever things we sell and buy through the Internet, it is called Ecommerce. As different sellers sell their products on Amazon, it is called ecommerce business, whatever business will be done online with the help of internet, it will be called ecommerce.

Should we work on ecommerce? So the answer will be different for everyone, the reason for this will be different for everyone, so let's talk.

i) Lack of information - first thing is that people are still not fully aware of ecommerce, how it works, what are its advantages and what are the disadvantages, and how to deal with all these and they feel this hassle and like to work in the same old way.

ii) Documents - Ecommerce means to sell products on any third party website, it is most important that you must have some documents which are :- PAN card, GST certificate These two documents are the most important. And because people do not have complete or correct information, they are hesitant about it because of the documents.

iii) Products packaging - If a person wants to sell some goods online then there is also a challenge that he has to pack and send his product on the basis of the same marketplace he is selling on. Like Amazon's packing material and guidelines are different, Flipkart's packing material and guidelines are different.

iv) Being illiterate - If a person is illiterate and he cannot read and write, then it proves to be the biggest challenge because as we all know ecommerce means then it becomes necessary for the person to be a little educated. Because all the work has to be done online i.e. through computer or mobile. Although there has been a lot of progress and now most of the marketplaces are also available in the local language so that no one has to face any problem, but still being uneducated is also a big reason for not doing ecommerce business.

v) Investing capital - If we open a small shop to sell any goods, then we need capital for that, similarly, if we want to sell online, then capital has to be invested, then due to its lack, the person hesitates with it. 

vi) Trust Issue - Some people also face this problem in ecommerce business, lack of confidence that if any item is sold, then its payment will come, how will it come, how much will it come, then they like to work in retail.

In this blog we talked about what are the reasons due to which people do not want to take their business online or are not able to take it and in the next blog we will talk about how ecommerce is beneficial and do people have misconceptions about it.

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